New products

  • Standard Spiral Wound Gasket
    Standard Spiral Wound Gasket

    The professional manufacturer of Standard Spiral Wound Gasket in China,offers fine Standard Spiral Wound Gasket for you.

  • Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket
    Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket

    The professional manufacturer of Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket in China,offers fine Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket for you.

  • Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets
    Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets

    The professional manufacturer of Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets in China,offers fine Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets for you.

  • Lens Ring Joint Gasket
    Lens Ring Joint Gasket

    The professional manufacturer of Lens Ring Joint Gasket in China,offers fine Lens Ring Joint Gasket for you.

  • Double Jacket Gasket
    Double Jacket Gasket

    The professional manufacturer of Double Jacket Gasket in China,offers fine Double Jacket Gasket for you.

    No. Catalogue Download Type
    1.Standard Spiral Wound Gasket.pdf
    2.Nuclear Spiral Wound Gasket.pdf
    3.Spiral Wound Gasket for Heat Exchangers.pdf
    4.Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets.pdf
    7.Exhaust Spiral Wound Gaskets.pdf
    8.Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket.pdf
    9.Graphite Gasket Reinforced With Metal Foil.pdf
    10.Graphite gasket reinforced with metal mesh.pdf
    11.Tanged Metal Reinforced Graphite Gasket.pdf
    12.Oval Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    13.Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    14.RX Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    15.BX Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    16.Lens Ring Joint Gasket.pdf
    18.Stamping Jacket Gasket.pdf
    19.Corrugated Gaskets.pdf
    20.Kammprofile Gasket with Integral Outer Ring.pdf
    21.Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring.pdf
    22.Kammprofile Gasket Basic Style.pdf
    23.Solid Copper Gasket.pdf
    24.Copper Exhaust Gasket.pdf
    25.Copper Head Gasket.pdf
    26.Pure PTFE Gasket.pdf
    27.PTFE Envelope Gasket.pdf
    28.Expanded PTFE Gasket.pdf
    29.Modified PTFE Gasket.pdf
    30.Non-asbestos Rubber Gasket.pdf
    31.Mineral Fiber Rubber Gasket.pdf
    34.Cork Rubber Gasket.pdf
    35.Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape.pdf
    36.Braided Graphite Tape.pdf
    37.Braided Graphite Tube.pdf
    38.Corrugated Graphite Tape.pdf
    41.Asbestos Gasket.pdf
    42.OFHC Copper Gaskets.pdf
    43.Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets.pdf
    44.OFHC Copper Gaskets for CF Flanges.pdf
    45.Tri-Clover Gasket.pdf
    46.EPDM Tri Clover Gasket.pdf
    47.Tri Clover EPDM Gasket.pdf
    48.Silicone Tri Clover Gasket.pdf
    49.Tri Clover Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    50.Viton Tri Clover Gaskets.pdf
    51.PTFE Tri Clover Rubber Gasket.pdf
    52.Tri Clover Gaskets PTFE.pdf
    53.Black Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    54.Black Rubber Gasket With Cloth Insert.pdf
    55.Nitrile Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    56.Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    57.Neoprene Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    58.Ethylene Propylenediene Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    59.Silicone Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    60.Fluorine Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    61.Oil-Resisting Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    63.Acid & Alkali-Resisting Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    64.Insulating Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    65.Fire-Resistance Rubber Gaskets.pdf
    66.Food Grade Rubber Gaskets.pdf